Friday, May 27, 2011

one dollar

so i love craigslist.
 i stumbled upon this lovely chair.
down cushions and all.
not even a little stain or tear.
perfect for my sitting room upstairs.

so i go to newport coast.
drive into this beautiful, well kept neighborhood.
and find the correct address.

there is this kind asian man.
who answered the door with a smile.
who sweetly helped me load this lug of a chair.
into my landcruiser.
only after he measured precisely to see if it would fit.
even removed my back seats for me
and carefully seat belted them in the front.

so i gave him $70.
he was asking $69.
not sure why he chose that number.
and i said "take the 70"
and he firmly said, "no"
and i insisted that he take it,
i even said, "that is ridiculous".
"its only a dollar".
he calmly said, "no"

then he went into his kitchen.
and retrieved a dollar.
and handed it to me.
he said, "this is whats fair".

and i went back to my car.
and drove away.
and was amazed at the integrity of this man.
how even a dollar was important to him.
because he was keeping his end of the deal.
he was being fair, and honorable.
to him, that dollar was a thousand.

and i learned a lesson.
and got a pretty rad chair for 69 bucks.


AaReAn said...

you are kidding me...WOW what a GREAT deal! Craigslist is so awesome!!!!!

Buffy said...

Love that story & love the chair! What an awesome deal:)

jmelmac said...

Looks a lot better than the chaise being there..and what a great experience meeting such a man of integrity! luvu, Melissa

Claudine said...

great chair! what a nice man!