Thursday, May 12, 2011

something about the fold

why is it when someone else does your laundry, it smells better...
the fold seems to be magic.
this magnificent masterpiece of color too, was lovingly arranged by my sister.
who loves me.
who supports me.
even when things are really really hard.
even when there is chaos everywhere.
and there seems to be no solution.

she is there for me.
her devotion is deep.
stems from a lifetime of companionship.

so i couldnt help but capture this beautiful arrangement
of the common towel.
stacked with precision
only my sister can do.

see, im the slob, shes the neat freak.
she puts up with my slobbishness.
and quietly picks up after me.
doesnt even mind when toby pees on her suitcase.
(and he is very capable of a pretty decent stream)
she just giggled, then asked where the simple green was.

then she silently folded my towels.

1 comment:

jmelmac said...

You are NOT a slob!! And yes, I'm a neat freak...I think I'm that way because it helps me create order. That pretty much sums up my "creative genes" that I got...wish I could have gotten a little slice of your incredible artistic talents! So funny about Toby..I dreamt about him last night. I sat down to eat dinner at your house & the next thing I know Toby is in my lap eating my dinner! He looked up at me and I could almost hear him say, "can I have some more?" What a silly dog..& what a great friend he is. Love you always & forever my sweet sister Shawna! Your sista, Melissa