Saturday, May 14, 2011

beach day

so my longtime friend came to visit.
i have known her for 21 years.
wait, is that right?
sounds like an eternity.
or maybe i am just seriously old.

we had fun on the beach.
all of this pretty self explanatory...

then i played photographer and took a few shots of her and her boyfriend todd...
i hate that boyfriend word for some reason.
seems so high school.
there should be a mature word for boyfriend.
significant other?
soul mate?
what the heck do we call them?
i think if i were to ever introduce my potential "boyfriend" in the future...
i would just spell it out.
"this is my soul mate, the person i am in love with, my very very very special friend, 
the person who rocks my world, the man who does it for me, the man who i cant get enough of,
the man i fell in love with the moment i saw him."
yeah, that sounds better.
however, im a slow learner.
next time.

so here is leigh and her special friend
who would probably fit the above descriptions.
i like this phrase.
although maybe it sounds like they are mentally challenged?
oh, forget it.
i think this is very age appropriate for us old folks.

good day spent at my favorite place.

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