Saturday, September 6, 2008

why we have vanity plates

i have never really understood the whole vanity plate thing. i actually have laughed out loud at some i have seen. my favorite one i think is "cotomom". i do like "sumryet" and "wkndyet" too. these ladies are driving around south orange county as we speak. i did see one license plate holder that said, "sexy italian". laughed out loud again. anything with "sexy" in it is just stupid. what are these people thinking? do they really think that will get them a date? do they really think that makes them more attractive? o, and i saw one the other day that read, "luv2mtb". what the heck does that mean?

i admit, i had vanity plate envy when i saw this one. now it all makes sense.


emma johnson said...

you have a dirty mind! i will never forget when you called me and i couldnt even understand you because you were laughing so hard after the sexy italian license plate hahaha i love you and our cute blogs! yayy

aenon. said...

i love the sexy italian story. i wish we could could all see it some time. i am so happy you captured the i<3 redheads one though. i love you mama and miss you!

mrs. everything said...

I love redheads too! Especially Aenon. I think luv2mtb means "Love to mountain bike" but I could be wrong. Driving with a friend in LA once we saw a Humme (ugh) that had a vanity plate that said "Pollutn" I wanted to get out of the car and beat up the jerk.