Saturday, September 6, 2008

home alone

well, i made it through the first week of being home alone, all by myself, no kids around to keep me company. no more cereal bowls in the sink at noon or pool splashes on the picture window. the house is eerily quiet from the hours of 8:20 to 3:15-to be exact. i wonder if the house is moaning secretly, missing all the happy noises of the people it quietly shelters. hmmm...

and dane made it to 2nd grade. he also, is finding the adjustment a bit difficult. he cried one night while I was putting him to bed, saying how "the day is so long... seems like it never ends"... his big tears staining his pillowcase.
we said a prayer and asked for a blessing on elder evans. that made it all better.

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Greg Dowden said...

"Dane-baby" is a mini-Hunter! Like a little clone! so cute! I can't believe he's in 2nd grade. Sure do miss you guys!