Monday, September 8, 2008

dont worry be happy

for those who know me well, you know that one of my rituals is waking early and scouring the la times in the quiet of the wee hours. morning is my absolute favorite time of day-especially early morning. so when you catch me complaining about getting up with eden for seminary-dont believe anything you hear. the times has it's good and it's bad. quite possibly it is the reason why i dont think obama is so bad. and, to make matters worse i think i kinda like joe on that note, i will tell you what i read in the health section today. i thought this was really good, and want to make sure my daughters (and my son) read this.

A guide to enhancing happiness

September 8, 2008

Count your blessings. Express gratitude for what you have privately and also by conveying appreciation to others. (isnt this prayer?)
Cultivate optimism. Keep a journal in which you write your best possible future. (where have i heard this before?)
Practice seeing the bright side of every situation.
Avoid over-thinking and social comparison. When you start to dwell on problems or compare yourself to others, distract yourself with positive thoughts or activities. (dont worry till you have something to REALLY worry about)
Practice kindness.
Do good things for others. (the foundation of a good life is service to others)
Nurture relationships. Pick a relationship that needs strengthening, and invest time and energy in it. (sounds familiar again)
Do more activities that truly engage you. Increase the experiences at home or work in which you lose yourself in total absorption. (quite possibly our callings in the church will count for this one?)
Replay and savor life's joys. (ok, i have to admit i am thinking kauai-not the last stake conference)
Pay attention, delight in and review life's momentary pleasures. (i tell my kids all the time-enjoy the moment-even if youre doing something you dislike)
Commit to your goals. Pick one or more significant goals and devote time and effort to pursuing them. (boys out there-getting your eagle will make you happy)
Develop coping strategies. Find and practice healthy ways to manage stress, hardship or trauma. (good thing we know where we go when we die)
Forgive. Keep a journal or write a letter in which you let go of anger and resentment toward those who have hurt you.(good idea...i need a LARGE journal)
Practice spirituality. Get more involved in your church, temple or mosque. Read spiritual books. (even the newspaper says i should go to church)
Take care of your body. Exercise, meditate and laugh. (prayer=meditation=peace)


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