Sunday, March 18, 2012

so the beat goes on


had a little stall.
not sure what was going on.
sometimes its a plateau you reach for one reason or another.
but ive stayed true to the cause.
and i already feel better.
and my clothes fit a little looser.
but i have a ways to go still.

and the dryer broke yesterday.
decided it was done drying clothes.
had had its fill of servicing a family of 7.
(well, 3 now)
so wonderful.

thank you mr dryer for choosing to give up and quit.
im going back to old school top loading maytags anyway.
im done with the fancy brands and the high priced repair bills.
theres something to be said about simple.
and less.
oh, if my house could just be taken away in a tornado.
that might not be such a bad thing.

craigslist here i come.

1 comment:

jmelmac said...

Congrats congrats! Those plateaus FEEL like they last 10 times longer than when you are seeing the scale move..down that is! Endurance is the name of the happy for you..but not so happy for your dryer..sorry it bailed on you..good luck shopping on craigslist! xxxooo