Wednesday, March 7, 2012

down 5 and on a roll...

this public humiliation blog weight daily log idea is pretty good.
its keeping me on task.
yes, i may seem utterly self consumed and even narcissistic,
but hey, its working, im doing it.
so bear with me.
i want to be thin.
and am not getting any younger.
one day everything is going to shut down and i will be an old lady.
dont want that to happen anytime soon.
(i will be 50 this year...eee gaad!)
i am doing my part.
and that means no sugar, no white stuff and 500 calories a day.
for now.
and i feel great.
i feel energized.
and i want legs like i had in high school.
(see above photo-this is high school, a million years ago...i had great legs then)
maybe i can get them back...
since they are still attached to my body,
and still fully functioning.
thank goodness.

so, heres to lots of water and chicken breast.
(and i sold the mercedes last night-yay for me!)


jmelmac said...

Congrats on selling the Mercedes..yeah!!! And congrats on hanging in there with your diet..YOU can do it! And I've always been jealous of your HAVE gorgeous legs..always will! Love you, your sista forever Melissa xxxooo

Shanna said...

Woooooow this picture looks JUST LIKE EDEN! I seriously thought it was her!!!
Anyhow you've always been beautiful, always.