Saturday, March 3, 2012

im going to be brave

(me when i was thinner than i am now...and in the jeans toby favorite jeans)

and blog about my diet.
i have lost and gained a lot in my lifetime.
more than i care to count.
however, now it is time to lose.
all my life i have always been fairly thin...until i had kids.
then i kept a few pounds on.
until after hunter.
i was done being "pleasantly plump".
so i did it. i lost about 30 lbs.
i have come to realize i am MUCH happier when i am thin.
i am at peace when i am thin.
i can think about good things when im thin.
when im fat, all i think about is how fat i am.
and how tight my jeans are.
and how puffy my face is.
and i think i may even feel older, and wrinklier.
and i hurt more.
(it could all be in my mind).
 all this is so not productive.
i am blogging about it.
so i will have to answer to my blog.
if i cheat or fail.
none of which i will do.
because this time i am ready.
i have hit the wall.
and if you havent heard already, i have a little help.
this is my crutch.
and it works. really well.
i just have to stay out of restaurants and no more diet coke.
kinda tough for this girl.
i will keep you posted.
in 30 days, i will be down at least 20 lbs.
there, i said it outloud, and in public.

now i will do it.
and also will start a quilt to keep me preoccupied.

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jmelmac said...

I'm so excited for you!! I know you can do just needed to find the right time..GO FOR IT GIRL!! Love you forever..through thick & thin..haha!! Your sista, Melissa xxxooo