Saturday, April 9, 2011

my rock

it was this mans birthday yesterday.
he is my rock.
he is my wisdom and the common sense i lack.
he sticks up for me, supports me and tells me things i need to hear.
and sometimes the things i need to hear are not pleasant.
he is a realist, and isnt afraid to say what he feels.
i like his texas drawl, his size 13 feet, and his toes which are as long as my fingers.
i like his bear hugs, where i dont even come up to his chin 
and the way he walks in front of me and holds his hand out for me to grab.
i like it when he tells me i am gorgeous, and that my cookies are "the best he's ever had".
i like his gregarious personality and how he drives with two feet.
i like it when i cant finish my dinner, and he eagerly cleans my plate too.
i like how we can waste a whole day at the beach together and not think twice.
i like to watch him interact with strangers and make people laugh.

but i think what i like the best is this saying which he recites to me continuously...
"you are in charge of your own destiny."


and a big happy birthday to you, big boy.
thank you, from the bottom of my heart for all you do for me.


jmelmac said...

Rich is one lucky guy..HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY RICH! Lots of love, Melissa & Jack

Claudine Barnett said...

can't wait to meet him. when you feel better, let's do dinner, ok?

Kathryn Skaggs said...

so happy for you.