Tuesday, April 12, 2011

dodgeball anyone?

so i wanted to go watch hunter play dodgeball...
tesoro has this tournament they sponsor at lunchtime.
he was one of the stormin' foremans...
inspired by mr langdale, his beloved chemistry teacher who 
is a construction worker in his spare time.
so they dressed up as construction workers, hard hats and all.
however, eden told me it would be embarrassing for hunter to have me show up.
did i hear correctly?
i was floored.
me, embarrassing?
i snuck into the gym, at the perfect time, peeked my head around the corner and
 took some shots from behind a big wall.
hunter saw me and smiled.
i dont think he was embarrassed at all.
in fact, if the truth be known, i think he was happy to see me.
just as long as i stayed in my little corner, maybe.
moms can be embarrassing, you know.

oh, and they came in 4th overall.
i think crocks with socks (yes, boys in crocks with socks...)
actually won. not to mention the stormin' mormons...
another team which was in the running.
silly boys.

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jmelmac said...

Priceless photos if you ask me..& I KNOW Hunter was happy that you were there! luvu always, Melissa