Wednesday, April 6, 2011

circle of life

i know, i know, this is a photo of a dead bird.
one who died right in front of me.
took his agonizing last breath on the side of the pool, 
after toby had rescued him from the suffocating and exhausting effects of floundering in cold water.
i found toby watching over him, this little bird between his front feet...
his eyes following me as i made my way toward the scene.
toby looked at me with sad, protective eyes.
i know he tried.
he has saved many a bird for me...
i have stories of toby watching over the birds in the yard.
 he has told me about many birds which needed my care.
on the other hand, maggie would do her best to kill every last one of them.
frick and frack those two.
so i reflected on this tragic but sacred moment.
and realized his death is just as important as his birth.
so i wrapped him carefully in a paper towel and placed him in a dignified spot.
his little body still warm...and i wondered if maybe someone was watching,
and paying attention to the respect i showed him,
in his moment of final surrender.

i wonder.

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jmelmac said...

I'm so grateful for the knowledge of our Heavenly Father's full circle plan. And I'm guessing you will meet that sweet little birdie again during the ressurection..he/she WAS watching! This picture entwines reverence for life and the miracle of that first Easter morning 2000 years ago. Love you for the eternities Shawna! Melissa xxxooo