Sunday, August 31, 2008

playing with eden

both eden and hunter have entered the world of facebook. unfortunately i have been right in there with them telling them which photo to post and what not to say. the advise is rolling off my tongue. amazingly, they still listen to me, at this point...wonder how long that will last. what us old folks would have done for a facebook arena. remember (im talking to the old people here) when you had to write a letter or actually call on the corded phone attached to the wall in the kitchen. remember when the cord would get all stretched out?

so, i started playing with some photos of eden and got a bit carried away. so here is my beautiful work of technicolor.

in my next life i am going to be a photographer and a pilot. cant wait.

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Tera said...

I think you are doing awesome as a photographer in this life....
Eden is so grown up - I can't believe it.

The Max Family said...

Shawna :)
It was fun to view your blog , I am so glad I saw it from Teras blog, It appears your kids have truly grown up over the years!!!After all you only had two kids and they were far from so grown up as they appear to be now!! Fun to see old friends:)

We are all doing well and living in Northern Cali. But the youngest Jessica, me and my husband and three girls, jennifer and her hubby and 1 boy 3 girls, Jessica and her bubby 1 boy and 1 girl live in murrieta.Mom and dad live her in northern cali by me and jennifer.We love it but miss Orange county alot, My dads parents passed away a short few months apart last yr so we dont get to go to orange like we always used to to visit them!!!

Kelly Sims-Max

Greg Dowden said...

Eden looks so grown up! Ibet her and Hunter don't even remember me. :( I'm gonna ask to be their friends on Facebook anyways! LOL!

aenon. said...

you will be those things in the next life; as well as one of david bowie's groupies.