Saturday, August 30, 2008

officially depressed

i am officially depressed. summer is ending, and i am entering my annual funk. i should probably get used to the feeling, but i never do. i fight it. i lament. i sulk. i cry.

gone are the lazy days of my children around me 24/7. gone are the sleep overs and waking times of noon. gone are the sunburned cheeks and sandy back seats. gone are the days of having absolutely nothing to do....the magic of summer. i even feel fall in the air. i need to adjust the automatic timers for the outdoor lighting too, cuz it's getting darker, earlier...what a pain. i miss having all of my 5 children sleeping under one roof. why is that so comforting?

real life sets in. waking time of 5:30am, homework, bedtime curfews, routine, routine, routine. maybe i am just a free spirit at heart and hate the routine of it all. that may be the root of my problem-routine, repetition, monotony. maybe i should move to the napali coast with kevin and hunt goat every week and live under a tarp-yeah, that sounds good.

i should have been a hippie.


Elizabeth said...

Whatever S-dawg. You totally are a hippie! I totally know all about that funk business. You should call me.

Greg Dowden said...

Awe...this one brought back memories! It made me think of trips to the mall, listening to Fleetwood Mac, giving Hunter a bathbecause he pooped everywhere (LOL), Chasing Ginny out of the house when no one was home, trying to sneak the cookie dough but lectured about the dangers of sow manila (LOL...i know thats not spelled right) and most of all running up the street to my second Mom when I just needed a break, or someone to talk to, or something to do! Never a dull moment! I love you guys!