Monday, December 26, 2011

lots to do

i have a lot of catching up to do...lots of stuff in my life. 
good things. 
a lot to look forward to.
life is good. i need to recognize the blessings that i have.
one of them, my sister.
she is my constant support.
her love is undying.
she is awesome.
so thank you melissa and jack (and shanna)
for your loyalty and love.
doesn't get much better than this.

and i realized from these pictures my nose is lopsided.
why didn't someone tell me this?

1 comment:

jmelmac said...

No lopsided nose anywhere in sight..just shadows following you..atleast you don't have 100 lines marching across your face like me!! Oh, the reality of time marching on..but you've got it right..I love you dearly..always have & always will. And that's what it's all about..growing & moving forward in this life together..counting our blessings..& that I do every day knowing that I've got the sweetest most beautiful sister in the whole wide world. So grateful for all that you do..but especially for just being YOU!
Your sista forever, Melissa xxxooo