Tuesday, November 2, 2010

need a bandaid

its a known fact, that i pick my toes when im stressed.
well, i am drawing blood.
wonder what that means?

and i heard once that in order to be a playboy bunny, 
you have to have pretty feet, along with other "pretty" parts...
darnit...i think my feet have ruined my chances.


Jack and Melissa McIntyre said...

Your feet just need a makeover..then you can head over to hugh's mansion..NOT! I think the feet mangling thing is genetic..take care of those sweet little toes! Love you, Melissa

Toshia and Jacob McIntyre said...

That reminds me of Jake!!! He does the same thing!

Lynne said...

Shawna, my son does that to the bottom of his feet!

snowillard said...

I think they are kind of cute.