Monday, October 20, 2008


i took these photos while on my way to beverly hills to buy sprinkles cupcakes. dont ask me why i took the time to drive in traffic on santa monica blvd, amongst lots of bentleys and cars i did not recognize (i did get to pass the temple :-), drive down like 10 side streets like 10 times to find a parking place, went down the wrong way on a one way street (yes, i really did) then walked a block and a half to stand in a line of about 20 colorful beverly hills people just to get my hands on some cupcakes...then they didnt even have my favorite kind, coconut. bummer.

anyway, i knew the routine (been there a couple of times) and exactly what to order-1 dozen-6 red velvet, 3 coconut/ chocolate and 3 vanilla (love the white sprinkles). the lady standing next to me asked if i was going to a party..."no", i said. she laughed. she probably thought i was going to go home and eat them all myself. i told her i had a houseful of kids who didnt need a cupcake. she laughed again.

anyway, as to the billboard photo-i took this photo while i was driving (i dont recommend this). this is why it looks the way it does. in fairness, the billboard had both candidates on it, encouraging people to vote. unfortunately i was only able to catch obamas image. i have to admit i like and dislike things about both candidates. i like how obama supports the teachers and wants to get out of iraq, and i like how mccain wants to lower taxes, so dont know. neither one is perfect, and neither one has a good solution to the healthcare dilemma. time will only tell what happens. i am voting for prop 8, and also the animal one, prop 2 which gives them bigger cages. support the animals, please... and sprinkles.


aenon. said...

support the gays too mom!

shawna said...

you know i do not have any issues with gay people, aenon. i have had a good friend and cousin die of AIDS. i attended both of their funerals and grieved with their families knowing a merciful God loves them just like anyone else. you know where i stand on that. prop 8 is a completely different issue.